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OSHA 10 Hour On-site Training Classes

OSHA 10 Hour On-site Training Classes For companies in need of training several employees or contractors simultaneously at or near their facility, our OSHA 10 Hour On-site Training Classes can be the ideal solution.  You benefit from this choice in two ways: 1) You are guaranteed discounted rates when five or more students are enrolled; 2) You can have us include your own safety information and procedures right into the course as it is being taught.

We will assign you one of our OSHA-Certified Outreach Trainers to work with you in the scheduling and content addition to our standard OSHA 10 hour General Industry or  OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry course for your group of employees. The course can be setup at your facility or any nearby location. ALL of our OSHA 10 Hour Training Classes are OSHA-accepted in all 50 States.  The OSHA 10 Hour On-site Training courses are usually conducted over two consecutive days, so ask us about piggy-backing other courses while we’re there!  At the completion of the course, students will receive their DOL OSHA Wallet Cards and a Certificate of Completion. Another benefit is that every student receives their own copy of the OSHA Code of Federal Regulations. Still have questions? Contact us TODAY and speak to an instructor about our classes and how we can integrate your Company’s training material simultaneously into our class at YOUR site!

On-Site OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course

General Industry Training is geared towards safety professionals involved in non-Construction jobs. This includes such industries as  manufacturing operations, service industries, shipping and receiving, distribution and health care/medical fields. Workers in school districts, colleges and universities also benefit.

On-Site OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course

The OSHA 10 Hour On-site Training for the Construction Industry is specifically designed for those safety professionals that are responsible for job safety at construction sites.  Like it’s counterpart above, the course spans a minimum of two days. Upon successful passing of the final exam, students will be given their DOL OSHA Wallet Card and a Certificate of Completion. The OSHA 10 Hour On-site Construction Course also meets the standards that are required per the state of Nevada  and in New York City. The course is OSHA-Accepted in all 50 states.

Group Discounts and Corporate Accounts Available

Let us help you schedule and enroll your workers!  Call us and we will set you up with a corporate account, enter your workers and work with you to get the training schedule you need. You can receive easy, monthly billing to manage your training budget, too! Group discounts are available when you have five students or more. The more you register, the more you save.

Train With the Experts – Best Prices – Highest Quality Training

Why settle for less? We offer our OSHA 10 Hour On-site Training at you site for the lowest price, and we’re available to setup at YOUR preference. You’ll learn from the best in the industry, with over three decades of experience serving the Safety and Risk Management Industry. Whether Construction or General Industry, call us to arrange your OSHA 10 Hour On-site Training Today!


You may also take either of these courses online with six months to complete the course. The 10 hour courses require only about two days total time to complete the course. You’ll also get a Free Study Guide to Accompany the course. Click on one of the buttons below if you’d like to take the course online at your convenience.

Enroll in the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Online Training Class and Get your OSHA Wallet Card in Two Days

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